Is it Really Possible to Keep a Pet Monkey?

There is no straight "yes or no" answer to this - it depends on many things, from local laws to your household dynamic. But generally speaking, yes, you can keep a monkey as a pet; but that doesn't mean you should. Here are some considerations and suggestions on keeping a monkey as a pet. Is a Monkey Right for You? Remember that a monkey is a wild animal. It is never really a domestic pet like a cat or dog. Did you know that most monkeys that are seen out and about are actually babies? Adult monkeys tend to get aggressive and end up in cages. Monkeys are mischievous and intelligent, and they can be very destructive, from opening and pillaging kitchen cabinets to tearing out window screens. And let's not forget that they can turn on faucets, televisions, and open refrigerators. Having a monkey in the house is sort of like having a toddler set on "high." Cleaning up after a monkey can be challenging, too - they can be housebroken when young, but may forget when older. What Kinds of Monkeys are Kept as Pets? Not just any monkey can be kept as a pet. The usual ones you'll see available as pets include capuchins, guenons, macaques, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, and marmosets. Is It Legal? It's entirely possible that it's not legal to keep a monkey in your area. If it is legal, you may need to apply for a permit. Expense Monkeys can be very expensive to purchase. And you'll need to pay a bundle for a proper cage. An outdoor enclosure is ideal, but an indoor enclosure will do. It will need to have a great deal of diversions and accessories, and you'll need to change your monkey's environment regularly to prevent boredom. Vet Care It can be really hard to find a vet who specializes in primates. If you do find one, you may need to drive many miles to get to him or her. Food Monkeys need to be fed twice daily, and they do best on a varied diet. You can use a commercial primate diet for starters, but you'll need to supplement with "people foods" like hard cooked eggs, veggies, fruits, and even baby cereal. Your monkey may need a vitamin supplement, too, especially if it is kept largely indoors with little sunlight exposure. Yes, this article is kind of a downer - but sources generally agree that monkeys are really not the best choice for a family pet. As babies, they are cute and cuddly and fairly docile; but when they grow up, they get messy, stressed, destructive, and often aggressive. And don't forget that monkeys can carry serious diseases that can be passed on to humans.


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